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A sustainable home, a warm welcome

Existing real estate on the roll for transformation to a housing function often is industrial, grand and cold of character. Respace is the perfect solution to create pleasant and sustainable living units that feel warm and natural. No matter the size, value or finish.

Parametric design: efficient in time and costs

Our parametric system allows us to quickly calculate if and how we can transform an existing building. Whether it’s turning a train factory into high-end lofts or a grain silo into student housing. It’s possible.

Every Respace home is freely adjustable to accommodate any finish. The feeling of warm wood can easily be replaced by a fresh white styling.

Yet we always work as ‘green’ as possible, with sustainable wood and as many circular raw materials as possible.

“Respace residents describe their home as warm, nice and comforting. We’re very proud of that.”
Sebastiaan Hameleers
Co-founder Respace

Here's why Respace is the right choice:

Discuss your wishes

Do you have an idea for a building? Or maybe you already have a design? Whatever your situation, we’d love to talk and think. No obligations whatsoever.

6 steps to completion in 6 months

Thanks to 3D scanning, parametric design software and CNC wood production, we’re not just fast but also extremely accurate. Depending on the scale and complexity of a project, we can complete a project in as little as 6 months. Curious how that’s possible?

Download the brochure

Would you like to know more about the different applications of the Respace system? Download our brochure!

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