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Choose flexibility and character with Respace Offices

The core of the Respace system is creating office space in existing real estate. Thanks to the parametric design and robotic production, every space can get a high-end transformation in every way imaginable. Whether it’s a grand headquarters featuring impressive open spaces or a creative hotspot accommodating dozens of companies.

Parametric design: efficient in cost and time

Our parametric system allows us to quickly calculate if and how a building can be transformed. This saves both time and money.

Yet there’s more: the high flexibility of the Respace system is a perfect match with the dynamic use of office space. Splitting or merging an office space, building a new meeting room or creating more space to relax is easy and can be done during the entire life cycle of the building.

It’s in our DNA to do this as ‘green’ as possible, using sustainable wood and as many circular raw materials as possible.

“Because our system is so flexible, we can easily adjust it to different office functions. Even years after completion of a project.”
Sebastiaan Hameleers
Co-founder Respace

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6 steps to completion in 6 months

Thanks to 3D scanning, parametric design software and CNC wood production, we’re not just fast but also extremely accurate. Depending on the scale and complexity of a project, we can complete a project in as little as 6 months. Curious how that’s possible?

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