Respace portfolio

Favourite transformations

Below you’ll find the coolest, best and most beautiful transformations we’ve done. One transformation might stand out because of its size, the other because of its design. In every case, the transformation was only possible with the Respace system.


Respace Offices project of 3486 m2 in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Sissy Boy

Respace Offices project of 3096 m2 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Respace Offices project of 1982 m2 in Delft, The Netherlands.


Respace Offices project of 2565 m2 in Hilversum, The Netherlands.


Respace Offices project of 2244 m2 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

The New Farm

Respace Offices project of 770 m2 in Den Haag, The Netherlands.

Blue City

Respace Offices project of 556 m2 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.


Future Respace Housing project,
feasibility study completed.
"With these systems we can add a whole new form of housing construction. Cheaper, more flexible and faster to deploy."
Floris Alkemade
Government Architect

For you: our brochure

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