How Respace works

Sustainable, automated architecture

Respace offers mass-customization. Through a combination of 3D scanning, parametric design software and CNC wood production, we’re able to transform any existing space for a new use. This makes us faster, cheaper and more sustainable than our competitors.

Our 6 steps to completion in 6 months

The lead time for redeveloping a building with the Respace system is short. Depending on the scale and complexity of a project, it’s possible to complete a project in as few as 6 months. Longer projects do happen as well.

Design: parametric

Our design software is parametric. That means we’re able to quickly generate an accurate design based on preprogrammed data and established relations between parts. Parameters like size, thickness and geometry are automatically incorporated.

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Construction: sustainable wood

We use Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL). This wood is sourced in sustainably managed forests and encapsulates a sizable chunk of CO2. LVL has been treated to become extremely strong, allowing us to use it for the main construction, even with large spans. Other materials in the Respace system are circular and bio-based whenever possible.

Production: CNC milling

We produce using the latest in robotic CNC milling. After approval, our production drawings are sent to the factory automatically and produced at lightning speed. When milling is done, the parts arrive on the building site as a flat pack.

Assembly: prefab

On location, the produced Blocks can be assembled like a building kit. That’s both easy and fast. All elements carry a QR code, ensuring clarity in what goes where. This helps reduce building time and costs.

Receive a calculation for your project within 5 working days

If you send us your existing (sketch) design, we’ll get back to you in five working days with a free and non-committal quote for your project.

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Eldin Fajkovic, our lead architect.

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