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The Respace system isn’t just flexible, sustainable, remountable and cost efficient, it’s also a suitable candidate for a variety of subsidies, extra low financing rates and even tax breaks.

Respace offers full cooperation with every initiative.


Transforming existing real estate comes with a host of possible subsidies to apply for. These are often connected to a sustainable target. That makes Respace ideal.

Low-cost financing

Often, the Respace system is used in buildings monumental buildings. The nationwide ‘Nationaal Restauratiefonds’ (or NRF) offers a low interest rate on financing the transformation of monuments.

Tax breaks

The Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemers (RVO) stimulates environmentally friendly techniques, like sustainable transformations. Through the MIA and Vamil, entrepreneurs can apply for investment allowances.

Available subsidies

Below are a number of subsidies Respace can apply for. This list definitely isn’t complete though, so having a look in your own region or asking at the municipality could yield some nice results.


Stimuland focuses on developing the countryside. For real estate outside of the urban environment, Stimuland is a strong partner in activating development.

Stichting Pioneering

Stichting Pioneering is a foundation focused on improving initiatives which increase innovation and a forward-thinking mentality in the east of the Netherlands. They specialize in the urban environment.


The Herstructureringsmaatschappij Overijsel revitalizes existing business parks, office buildings and inner cities in the province of Overijssel.

Kansen voor West

Kansen voor West works in Noord-Holland, Zuid-Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland to create more innovation in energy, housing and offices. Several subsidies are available.

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